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By way of disclosure, I invested in the parent company of Lawyer Legion (www.LawyerLegion.com) more than 10 years ago. I still own part of the company today. As a result, I pay attention to online attorney directories.

One of the most popular online attorney directories is Super Lawyers®, part of Thomson Reuters. The Super Lawyers® directory contains a list of lawyers who are ranked and sorted by practice areas and geographical location.

Other online attorney directories include BestLawyers.com, Expertise.com, Lawyers.com, and LawyerLegion.com. Although these directories are not a scam or racket, it is important to recognize that their main purpose is selling ad space.

In 2012-13, I was selected for the Rising Stars list and rated by Super Lawyers. I was selected for inclusion on the Super Lawyers list in 2019-2021. In 2021, for example, I was selected for the Super Lawyers list for “Criminal Defense: DUI/DWI” along with 6 other attorneys in Florida.

Super Lawyers asks that attorneys do not publicly announce their selection to the list for 2022 until after the 2022 Florida Super Lawyers list has been published.

If you make the list then Super Lawyers will send you the SUPER LAWYERS 2022 Florida Rate Card and try to sell you the following types of print ads:

  • Platinum Profile
  • Display Advertising
  • Standard Profile
  • Impact Listing

For the online website, Super Lawyers will try and sell you an expanded online profile, premium online profile, Top Spots/Spotlight, or space on the “ASK Super Lawyers page.”

Super Lawyers will remind you that phone number and contact info is NOT included in your basic print listing if you do not pay for a print item or ad. Additionally, your profile page on the website also doesn’t list your contact information or link to your website.

Does Being List on Super Lawyers Mean Anything?

You might wonder, does being selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers online directory mean anything? The short answer is: “No, not really. Being listed on Super Lawyers doesn’t necessarily make you a super lawyer.”

Being named a Super Lawyer is also very common. Although only 5% of attorneys are selected each year for inclusion on the Super Lawyers list, a different 5% might be selected each year.

For that reason, thousands of lawyers are listed on that directory. A small percentage of attorneys pay extra to have an expanded profile, a premier profile, or to be listed at the top. As far as I can tell, unless you pay Super Lawyers for an “expanded profile,” your picture, contact information, and biography is NOT listed on your profile.

Super Lawyers also publishes a variety of lists for narrower categories including:

  • “Tampa Bay Super Lawyers”
  • “Women Florida Super Lawyers”
  • “Top 10: 2022 Florida Super Lawyers”
  • “Top 100: 2022 Florida Super Lawyers”

Read more about the Florida Super Lawyer Rising Stars list and Florida’s list of “Super Lawyers” for 2022.

What is the Selection Process at Super Lawyers?

According to their website, to be included for selection on the Super Lawyers list, the company uses a four-step process.

First, Super Lawyers takes nominations and uses other methods of creating a pool of candidates. Attorneys enter the candidate pool by being nominated by a peer. Alternatively, the research department at Super Lawyers might identify an attorney during the research process.

Second, Super Lawyers conducts “independent research.” Third, Super Lawyers considers “peer evaluation” by practice area. Finally, Super Lawyers makes its final selection.

How Much Does Super Lawyers Cost?

Super Lawyers does not charge the attorney to be included on the list, but an enhanced profile costs around $900 a year. It seems like every year the price goes up.

If you have a free listing, your profile picture and contact information will not be displayed on the online directory. Last time I checked years ago, attorneys are given the option to upgrade to one of the following types of profiles:

  • Expanded Online Attorney Profile –
    • costs $75 a month
    • the expanded profile on SuperLawyers.com gives the attorney a mobile-friendly profile
    • the profile highlights the attorney’s achievements
    • the profile features contact information, biographical information, and a photo
  • Premium Online Attorney Profile
    • costs $175 a month with a one-year subscription
    • the premium online attorney profile on SuperLawyers.com gives the attorney a mobile-friendly profile
    • the profile features a color photo, professionally-written bio, practice area chart, email contact form, and links to online properties
  • Premium Online Firm Profile – for $400 a month, the attorney can purchase a one-year subscription to a premium profile on SuperLawyers.com

Attorneys can also pay for ad space to be listed at the top. Those ads can cost thousands of dollars a month.

Why do attorneys pay extra for an enhanced listing or for ad space? Attorneys pay for an enhanced listing on the Super Lawyers online attorney directory because it might show up in the search engines when people begin their search for an attorney.

The attorney might also recognize an SEO benefit from having a link from the directory to their main website, blog, or other online platforms.

Find a list of the top online attorney directories with free or paid listings.

This article was last updated on Wednesday, December 22, 2021.

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