COVID-19 Crimes

As a criminal defense firm in Tampa, FL, we have noticed increased crimes related to the COVID-19 pandemic and health crisis. A wide range of criminal issues related to the global pandemic have increased, including:

Other cases that have increased during the crisis include civil asset forfeiture proceedings after the seizure of money at the airport or roadways in Florida.

Some expect the crackdowns to continue as law enforcement officers shift their focus to these types of crimes.

Crimes for Threatening to Spread COVID-19

According to a spokesperson for the National Conference of State Legislatures, lawmakers across the United States are drafting legislation to make it a crime to issue a “credible threat to infect another with COVID-19 or similar infectious disease that triggered public emergency.”

Federal officials have recently started bringing charges for the crime of perpetrating a biological weapons hoax by threatening to spread COVID-19.

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This article was last updated on Thursday, May 14, 2020.