Drug Crimes in Pasco

Each year, the detectives with the Narcotics Unit of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office investigate cases leading to the seizures of assets and contraband worth millions of dollars.

Detectives in the narcotics unit work with federal, state, and local agencies to investigate a wide variety of illegal drug activity. These narcotics detectives assist covert specialized operations involving mobile surveillance and stakeouts.

The goal of the narcotics detectives is to disrupt both everything from local street-level dealers to the largest drug trafficking organizations.

Narcotics detectives in Pasco County, FL, participate in the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force (“HIDTA”) to investigate offenses including RICO, money laundering, and drug crimes. The detectives also work with agents on the Homeland Security Task Force and different DEA Task Forces.

In drug trafficking investigations in Pasco, narcotics detectives use a variety of advanced investigative strategies to further the principles of Intelligence-Led Policing. For instance, narcotics detectives focus on drug trafficking organizations and high crime areas.

Officers on the narcotics squads also partner with substance abuse providers to implement the CARE program, which coordinates efforts to engage addicts with substance abuse professionals at the earliest possible stage during encounters with law enforcement.

Attorney for Drug Crimes in Pasco County, FL

The attorneys at Sammis Law Firm represent clients charged with serious drug crimes in Pasco County, FL, including possession, possession with intent to sell, delivery, and trafficking.

Our drug crimes attorneys for Pasco County, FL, can help you at every stage of the case from the initial investigation, first appearance, motions to suppress evidence, motions to dismiss the charges, through trial or final resolution.

Our main offices are in downtown Tampa, FL. We have a second office in New Port Richey, directly across from the courthouse at the West County Judicial Center.

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Adult Drug Court in Pasco County

Created in 2007, the Pasco County Adult Drug Court began providing comprehensive drug treatment options to eligible non-violent defendants. The Sixth Judicial Circuit Adult Drug Treatment Court utilizes frequent court appearances, intensive substance abuse treatment, and random testing.

By completing the Pre-Trial Intervention 18- to 24-month Adult Drug Treatment Court plan, participants might be eligible for dismissal of any charges pending against them.

Pre-trial intervention is at the discretion of the State Attorney’s Office. The eligibility requirements encompass those charged with a third degree felony drug charge including any first time and non-violent offender.

Completing drug court on a post-plea basis might result in adjudication being withheld and early termination of probation when all special conditions are met.

Florida’s Drug Court Laws

Florida law classifies different types of controlled substances into one of five categories, known as schedules as provided in Section 893.03, F.S.

The schedules regulate the manufacture, distribution, preparation, and dispensing of the controlled substances listed in the schedules. The penalties for drug crimes depend, in part, on how the substance is classified.

One factor in determining the schedule classification of a substance is the “potential for abuse” of the substance and whether there is a currently accepted medical use for the substance in the United States.

Pursuant to s. 893.035(3)(a), F.S., “potential for abuse” means a substance has properties as a central nervous system stimulant or depressant or a hallucinogen that create a substantial likelihood of the substance being:

  1. used in amounts that create a hazard to the user’s health or the safety of the community;
  2. diverted from legal channels and distributed through illegal channels; or
  3. taken on the user’s own initiative rather than on the basis of professional medical advice.

Additional Resources

Special Investigations Division for Drug Crimes – Visit the website of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to learn more about the Vice & Narcotics Unit for the Special Investigations Division. The unit consists of three detective squads engaged in overt and covert investigations.

Pasco’s Adult Drug Court – Visit the website of the Sixth Judicial Circuit to find information on the benefits of completing the Pasco County Adult Drug Court through pre-trial intervention or the post-plea drug court plan. Learn more about why the charges might be dismissed entirely or why probation might be terminated early. Find the contact information for the Pasco County Adult Drug Court including:

Robert D. Sumner Judicial Center
38053 Live Oak Avenue
Dade City 33523

West Pasco Government Center
7530 Little Road
New Port Richey 34654
Telephone: 727.847.2411, ext 8489

This article was last updated on Thursday, August 26, 2021.