Criminal Defense in Hernando County

We created this website to provide you with general information about a variety of criminal offenses prosecuted at the courthouse in Brooksville, FL, in Hernando County.

Our website contains information on the maximum and minimum penalties, collateral consequences to avoid, and the most effective defenses to fight the charges.

The articles on this website also discuss motions that can be filed to suppress illegally obtained evidence, exclude unduly prejudicial evidence, or dismiss charges not supported by sufficient evidence.

If you were arrested in Hernando County, FL, then you need a criminal defense attorney who will fight the charges aggressively.

Attorneys for Criminal Defense in Hernando County, FL

The criminal defense attorneys at Sammis Law Firm represent individuals charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or DUI offense in Brooksville, Hernando County, FL.

At Sammis Law Firm, P.A., we understand that your time is valuable. Call today to schedule a consultation to speak directly with a criminal defense lawyer for Brooksville, Hernando County, FL, either over the phone or in the office today.

We take a scholarly approach to criminal defense by filing and litigating motions to dismiss charges and motions to suppress evidence, which is often the best way to fight criminal accusations.

Contact us to speak with an attorney about the particular facts and circumstances of your case.

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Judges in Hernando County, FL

Administrative Order H-2021-43-A, effective January 1, 2022, assigned the Honorable Daniel B. Merritt, Jr., Circuit Court Judge of Hernando County, FL, in part, to the following assignments:

  • one half (50%) of all felony cases (divided into two dockets with a “C” docket and a “D” docket);
  • all juvenile delinquency cases; and
  • all cases related to guardianship and mental health including:
    • risk protection orders; and
    • injunctions against the exploitation of vulnerable adults;
  • Baker Acts and Marchman Acts; and
  • one-half (50%) of all felony bond estreature cases.

The Honorable Daniel B. Merritt, Jr., is also the Chief Judge for Hernando County, FL, who handles all administrative duties (also called the “Administrative Judge”).

Effective January 1, 2022, The Honorable Stephen E. Toner, Jr., Circuit Court Judge of Hernando County, FL, is assigned, in part, to the following cases:

  • one-half (50%) of all felony cases, divided into two (2) dockets with a “C” docket and a “D” docket;
  • juvenile dependency cases; and
  • one-half (50%) of all felony bond estreature cases.

The Honorable Don Barbee, Jr., Circuit Judge of Hernando County, is assigned to the following types of cases, in part:

  • problem solving courts including:
    • veterans’ treatment court;
    • drug court; and
    • mental health court;
  • all injunction and temporary orders for protection including:
    • domestic violence restraining orders;
    • repeat violence restraining orders;
    • sexual violence restraining orders;
    • dating violence restraining orders; and
    • stalking restraining orders.

The Honorable Kurt Hitzeman, County Court Judge of Hernando County, is assigned the following cases:

  • all criminal misdemeanor cases;
  • first appearance hearings on a rotating schedule with the other county court judge;
  • ordinances; and
  • hearings on a writ of bodily attachment.

The Honorable Barbara-Jo Bell, County Court Judge of Hernando County, is assigned the following cases:

  • first appearance hearings on a rotating schedule with the other county court judge;
  • all civil traffic court cases;
  • all municipal, city, and county ordinances cases referred to county court; and
  • hearings on a writ of bodily attachment.

The General Magistrate assigned to Hernando County, Yolanda Romagnolo is assigned to hear matters assigned including juvenile dependency arraignments.

You can watch the First Appearance Court hearings in Hernando County on YouTube. First appearance court is held 354 days a year, even on weekends and holidays. For most of the first appearance court hearings, the presiding judge is either Judge Bell or Judge Hitzemann.

First Appearance Court with Judge and Inmates and Attorneys in Courtroom

DUI Defense in Hernando County, FL

If you have been charged with DUI in Brooksville, FL, contact an experienced DUI attorney at Sammis Law Firm to discuss your case. In 2017, there were 373 DUI arrests in Hernando County, FL.

After your arrest, you only have 10 days to retain an attorney to demand a formal review hearing to contest the administrative suspension of your driver’s license. We can also help you obtain a 42-day permit so that you can keep driving while we fight to protect your driving privileges.

Some attorneys might tell you to waive all your rights and stipulate to the DUI suspension just to get hardship privileges immediately, but call us to find out the pros and cons of this approach.

Crime Statistics in Hernando County in 2017

In Hernando County in 2017, law enforcement officers made a total of 7,840 arrests. With a population of 181,882, the arrest rate per 100,000 people was 4,310.5. Out of those people arrested, 7,302 were adults and 538 were juveniles. In 2017, the arrests were for a wide range of criminal offenses including:

  • 5 murder arrests;
  • 20 rape arrests;
  • 42 robbery arrests;
  • 185 aggravated assault arrests;
  • 152 burglary arrests;
  • 817 larceny arrests;
  • 103 motor vehicle theft arrests;
  • 11 kidnapping / abduction arrests;
  • 1 arson arrest;
  • 896 simple assault arrests;
  • 1,292 drug arrests;
  • 1 embezzlement arrest;
  • 265 fraud arrests;
  • 27 counterfeit / forgery arrests;
  • 1 extortion / blackmail;
  • 27 intimidation arrests;
  • 2 prostitution arrests;
  • 35 non-forcible sex offenses;
  • 50 stolen property arrests;
  • 373 DUI arrests;
  • 119 destruction / vandalism arrests;
  • 35 weapon offense arrests;
  • 35 weapon arrests;
  • 9 liquor law violations arrests; and
  • 3,373 offenses for miscellaneous arrests.

Read more about the way prosecutors at the State Attorney’s Office handle domestic violence cases in Hernando County, FL.

Additional Resources

Hernando County DUI Attorney – Find out more about defending yourself after an accusation of DUI in Hernando County, FL, including DUI refusal and DUI cases with a high breath test reading on the breathalyzer used in Florida called the “Intoxilyzer 8000.” Information on everything from the first DUI through more serious cases for DUI with property damage or personal injury.

Hernando County Clerk’s Office for Criminal Cases – Click here to find out more information about your particular felony or misdemeanor case in Hernando County through the clerk’s office including upcoming court dates, recently filed pleadings and information about your judge or prosecutor.

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Hernando County Clerk’s Office – Search Traffic Infractions – Search here for information about a traffic ticket in Hernando County using either your name or your citation number, including upcoming court dates, outstanding fines, and other information.

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office – Click here for information about who has been arrested in Hernando County, arrest photos, inmate search, including pending criminal charges and other information about the case.

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office
18900 Cortez Boulevard
Brooksville, FL 34601

Hernando County Jail at Sheriff's Office

Law Library in Hernando County, FL – The Hernando Law Library is located in Room 35 of the Hernando County Governmental Building located at 20 N. Main St. in Brooksville. The law library in Hernando County, FL, has two terminals set up in the library with access to WestlawNext Patron Access, which is a free service. A printer is available for patrons to use at a cost of $.15 per page. The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Hernando County Law Library
20 North Main Street, Room 35
Brooksville, Florida 34601
(352) 754-4402

Finding a Criminal Justice Lawyer in Brooksville, FL

If you have been arrested for a DUI, felony, or misdemeanor offense in Hernando County, Florida, contact an experienced criminal justice attorney at Sammis Law Firm to discuss the details of your case.

Our main office is located in Tampa in Hillsborough County FL. We have a second office located in New Port Richey in Pasco County. We also fight cases throughout Hernando County, FL, and the surrounding areas in and around Brooksville, FL.

We provide a free and confidential consultation to discuss the case. We can also schedule same-day consultations with anyone detained at the Hernando County Detention Center. for a confidential meeting to discuss the case.

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This article was last updated on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.