Criminal Defense in Sarasota, FL

After being accused of a crime in Sarasota, FL, law enforcement officers might begin an investigation or make an arrest.

Cases are prosecuted at the main courthouse at the Judge Lynn N. Silvertooth Judicial Center in the City of Sarasota or the South County courthouse located in the R. L. Anderson Administration Building in Venice, FL.

Law enforcement agencies that investigate crimes in Sarasota County, FL, include:

  • the Florida Highway Patrol;
  • the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office;
  • the Sarasota Police Department;
  • the Venice Police Department;
  • the North Port Police Department;
  • the New College Police Department; or
  • the Longboat Key Police Department.

After you learn of the criminal accusation, contact an experienced criminal justice attorney for Sarasota, FL, as early in the process as possible.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Sarasota County, FL

The attorneys at Sammis Law Firm are familiar with the criminal courts in Sarasota County, FL. Whether you were formally arrested and booked into jail or whether received a notice to appear in court, we can help.

Our attorneys represent clients o felony, misdemeanor, and ordinance violations throughout the 12th Judicial Circuit Court at either the main courthouse at the Judge Lynn N. Silvertooth Judicial Center in the city of Sarasota or the South County courthouse located in the R. L. Anderson Administration Building in Venice, FL.

We are familiar with the operating procedures used by officers throughout each law enforcement agency in Sarasota County, FL, including the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office and the Sarasota Police Department. We represent clients charged with a crime throughout Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, North Port and Englewood.

We represent clients at the first appearance and arrangement through the final resolution of the case during a motion to suppress or dismiss or at trial. Depending on how the case was resolved, we help clients help obtain a court-ordered sealing or expungement of a criminal record in Sarasota County, FL.

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Notice to Appear in Sarasota County, FL

The “Notice to Appear” in court for a misdemeanor is issued by a law enforcement officer in Sarasota County, FL. In some cases, the notice to appear is issued when a person is released from jail.

In some cases, the arresting officer might issue a notice to appear in court which includes a “Complaint Summons/Civil Citation” or a “Florida Uniform Traffic Citation.”

If you post a Cash Appearance Bond, then Florida Statutes Section 903.286, 27.52, and 938.29 authorize the Clerk of the Court in the Twelfth (12th) Judicial Circuit to deduct any criminal penalties, court fees, costs of representation, or unpaid costs of prosecution from the bond.

A notice to appear in court might also be issued for a county ordinance violation such as illegally marketing kratom or other designer drugs.

What Happens at Arraignment in Sarasota County, FL?

To locate information about an upcoming court date, including the arraignment, contact the Deputy Clerk at the Office of the Clerk and Comptroller’s Office in Sarasota County, FL, or use the name search feature or lookup the case number on the public access search feature of the clerk’s website.

The clerk’s office in Sarasota, FL, offers the e-notify service for reminders about upcoming court hearings. Although the notification service provides text and email reminders of upcoming criminal court hearings, the clerk’s office continues to provide formal notice of court events for all felony and misdemeanor cases.

If you have a pending criminal case, be sure to look at your docket each week for updates about upcoming court dates, especially during that time that things are in flux because of the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Additional Resources

Criminal Justice Commission in Sarasota – Visit the website of the Advisory Councils for Sarasota County to learn more about the Criminal Justice Commission. The purpose of the commission for criminal justice is to maintain a high level of public safety through the planning and management of a criminal justice system. The Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) in Sarasota County monitors potential legislation changes and recommends changes that improve the criminal justice system in Sarasota County. Members include the public defender, state attorney, chief circuit judge, a representative from a Community Group who works with Offenders or Victims, a representative from State or County Jobs Program, the Criminal Justice Policy Coordinator of the Sarasota County Health and Human Services Department, a State Probation Circuit Administrator, the Director of Local Substance Abuse Treatment Program, the Clerk of the Circuit Court, the Director of County Probation or Pretrial Intervention Program, and the County Commissioner.

Criminal Court Services in Sarasota – Opened from 8:30 A.M. t0 5:00 P.M. EST from Monday – Friday, the Criminal Court Services in Sarasota County uses the Main Office at the Historic Courthouse located at 2000 Main Street in Sarasota, FL, A full-service office is also located at the R.L. Anderson Administration Center located on the 2nd floor of 4000 S. Tamiami Trail in Venice, FL.

Criminal History Background Check in Sarasota – Visit the website of the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office to find information on how to obtain a local criminal history. The request can be made in person at the Records Section, located on the first floor of the Criminal Justice Center, 2071 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL, between  7 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday. A request for a criminal history information check must be submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). A request for national criminal history information (NCIC) must be submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Criminal Division of the 12th Judicial Circuit – Visit the website of the 12th Judicial Circuit Court Administration to learn more about the Circuit Criminal Court in Sarasota County which has jurisdiction in all criminal felonies and for any appeal from the county court. The County Courts in Sarasota County have jurisdiction over all misdemeanor criminal and criminal traffic cases.

This article was last updated on Friday, January 7, 2022.