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Violent Crimes

Violent crimes in Florida are defined as an aggressive act against a person or property that threatens, inflicts, or attempts to inflict physical harm. Violent crimes can be classified as either a felony or misdemeanor offense.

Violent crimes in Florida can include:

  • assault or battery;
  • domestic violence;
  • burglary or robbery;
  • false imprisonment or kidnapping; or
  • child abuse.

The penalties for violent crimes in Florida depend on whether the crime is classified as a felony or misdemeanor, whether a weapon or firearm was used, whether anyone was injured.

Attorney for Violent Crimes in Pinellas County, FL

If you were charged with a violent crime in Pinellas County, FL, then contact an attorney at Sammis Law Firm. We represent clients prosecuted at the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) in Clearwater, FL.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the charges pending against you, the criminal penalties for that crime, and the best defenses to avoid the typical penalties.

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This article was last updated on Friday, April 3, 2020.

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