Self-Defense Expunction

If your case is dismissed by the court for lawful self-defense or if the prosecutor drops the charges for this reason, then we can help you apply for a special type of administrative expunction.

Section 943.0585(5), Florida Statutes, and Rule 11C-7.006, Florida Administrative Code explains the requirements of the self-defense expunctions.

We can help you obtain the “Lawful Self-Defense Certificate of Eligibility” if:

  • the appropriate state attorney or statewide prosecutor certifies that the subject acted in lawful self-defense;
  • the acts of self-defense were pursuant to the provisions related to the justifiable use of force in Chapter 776, Florida Statutes; and
  • the state attorney never filed the charges, or after filing the charges, the charges were dismissed by the state attorney or the court.

Attorney for the Self-Defense Expungement in Florida

For information on how to apply for Lawful Self-Defense Expungement, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Sammis Law Firm.

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We can help you seal or expunge a criminal record in Hillsborough County, Pasco County, or any of the surrounding counties in the greater Tampa Bay area.

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Additional Resources

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This article was last updated on Friday, October 4, 2019.