Child Protective Investigations (CPI) in Pasco

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office (PSO) Child Protective Investigations (CPI) Division responds to reports of child abuse. The purpose of the investigation by CPI is to make sure that children are not experiencing abuse or neglect in the home.

The CPI division has the highest turnover rate at the Pasco Sheriff’s Office because of the low pay and stressful nature of the job. CPI investigators sometimes make serious mistakes. In 2019, several investigators with CPI in the Tampa Bay area were fired and charged with crimes for falsifying records in child abuse cases in Pasco County, FL.

CPI investigations are triggered by a report of child abuse, neglect, or abandonment to the Florida Abuse Hotline. Many of the reports come from law enforcement officers at the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. Reports are common when PCSO is investigating misdemeanor allegations of domestic violence battery if a child was present in the home during the incident.

Other reports that trigger an investigation regarding the protection of the child might come from concerned professionals in the community including:

  • teachers
  • counselors
  • therapists
  • judges
  • law enforcement officers
  • daycare providers
  • medical professionals.

A report of child abuse, neglect, or abandonment might also come from a family member, friend, or neighbor.

The CPI investigator determines whether a child under the age of 18 years old is experiencing abuse or neglect. If the CPI investigator believes a child might be facing present or impending danger, the CPI investigator can take action to protect the child.

Attorney for CPI Investigations in Pasco County, FL

If you are being investigated by a CPI investigator employed by the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, then you have the right to retain an attorney to represent you at every stage of the case.

We can help you show evidence that the case should be closed quickly if the CPI investigation might find “no indication” of abuse or neglect.

As criminal defense attorneys, we can also represent you after an arrest for misdemeanor domestic violence battery in Pasco County, FL, or more serious felony charges for child abuse or aggravated forms of assault or battery.

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What Happens in When CPI Comes to the Home in Pasco?

The case will be quickly closed if the CPI investigation might find “no indication” of abuse or neglect. On the other hand, the CPI investigator might determine that the situation requires a safety plan or referrals for services to protect the child. Referrals for services might include:

  • in-home counseling or therapy
  • helping victims of domestic violence obtain a protective order against the alleged abuser
  • linking a family to a shelter if the family’s housing is inadequate or in a case of domestic violence
  • child care services and governmental programs available in the area

When voluntary and diversion services do not alleviate the threat to the child, then court-ordered services may be considered.

In most cases, the child remains in their home while the court-ordered services are in place. In other cases, the CPI investigator might consider removing the child from the home after consulting with the State Attorney and the investigator’s supervisor.

When a child is removed from the home, the CPI and State Attorney present the case to a dependency judge within 24 hours of the time the child is removed from the home of the parent or guardian.

CPI’s Child Safety Plan with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office

For reports about children found in Pasco County, FL, Florida law requires the Pasco Sheriff’s Office division for Child Protective Investigations (CPI) to investigate the allegation. An investigator with CPI at Pasco Sheriff’s Office might draft a “child safety plan” based on a finding of present danger or impending danger.

The child safety plan drafted by the investigator with CPI will list the report number, case number, CPI name, CPIS number, effective date, the and children’s names, and ages. The child safety plan will list a description of the specific danger threats and safety concerns that would pose a present or impending danger.

The safety plan lists actions to keep the child safe such as having a third party monitor all contact between one parent and the children or keeping one parent away from the children.

The safety plan will list who is responsible for each action, the frequency of intervention, or who is responsible for monitoring. —The safety plan must be updated in FSFN within 24 hours. All parties must receive a copy of the safety plan.

Keep in mind that the Child Protection Team of Pasco County, FL, is a separate entity that performs expert child abuse assessments. The medical and social work staff might work closely with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Child Protection Investigators (CPI) during investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, and child neglect.

A similar division exists in Hillsborough County, FL. Read more about Child Protective Investigations (CPI) at HCSO.

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This article was last updated on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.