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Sex Crimes

Any accusation concerning a sexually motivated crime is serious. Criminal charges for sex crimes come with the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence or a lifetime of supervision.

Even if those consequences are avoided, being labeled as a sexual offender makes it difficult to obtain work or housing. Accusations of sexual violence attract significant attention from the media and the community.

Misdemeanor crimes of a sexual nature include unnatural or lascivious acts, indecent exposure of sexual organs, solicitation of a prostitute, or offering to commit prostitution.

Although some sex offenses are misdemeanors, most sex offenses are charged as serious felony offenses involving non-consensual sexual activity.

Attorneys for Sex Crimes in Pasco County, FL

After an accusation concerning a sexually motivated crime, seek out the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney at the Sammis Law Firm. With offices conveniently located in Tampa and New Port Richey, we fight these cases throughout the greater Tampa Bay area.

Once you become aware of the accusation, you should not speak to any law enforcement officer about the accusation until AFTER you have retained counsel. Contact us to schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss the accusations against you.

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Types of Sex Crimes Prosecuted in Pasco County, FL

The most common types of sex crimes prosecuted in Pasco County, FL, include:

  • Prostitution crimes for offering or soliciting;
  • Indecent exposure of a sexual organ;
  • Unnatural or lascivious acts;
  • Sexual cyber harassment under § 784.049; or
  • Sexual battery – Chapter 794;
  • Kidnapping, false imprisonment, luring or enticing a child – Chapter 787;
  • Lewd and lascivious crimes – Chapter 800;
  • Sexual performance by a child – § 827.071;
  • Child pornography or computer facilitated offenses under Chapter 847;
  • Human trafficking under Chapter 787.

Sexual Battery – Chapter 794

Sexual battery is considered to be the main statute for sexual violence. The statute broadly includes crimes as rape, attempted rape, non-consensual sexual contact. Sexual battery is defined as oral, anal, or vaginal penetration by, or union with, the sexual organ of another or the anal or vaginal penetration of another by any other object without consent.

Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, Luring or Enticing a Child – Chapter 787

Although crimes for kidnapping and false imprisonment might be unrelated to the crimes of sexual violence, in many cases, sex crimes begin with the victim being kidnapped or falsely imprisoned.

Lewd and Lascivious Crimes – Chapter 800

Florida law provides for several types of crimes that are classified as “lewd and lascivious” including battery, exhibition, conduct, and molestation. The severity of the offense depends on the way the criminal act was committed, the age of the perpetrator, and the age of the victim.

The different ways that lewd and lascivious crimes can be charged include:

  • Lewd or lascivious molestation –
    • intentionally touching in a lewd or lascivious manner the breasts, genitals, genital area, or buttocks, or the clothing covering them, of a person less than 16 years of age, or forcing or enticing a person under 16 years of age to so touch the perpetrator. § 800.04(5).
  • Lewd or lascivious exhibition –
    • intentionally masturbating;
    • intentionally exposing the genitals in a lewd or lascivious manner; or
    • intentionally committing any other sexual act that does not involve actual physical or sexual contact with the victim, including, but not limited to:
      • sadomasochistic abuse;
      • sexual bestiality; or
      • the simulation of any act involving sexual activity in the presence of a victim who is less than 16 years of age. § 800.04(7).
  • Lewd or lascivious conduct –
    • intentionally touching a person less than 16 years of age in a lewd or lascivious manner; or soliciting a person under 16 years of age to commit a lewd or lascivious act. § 800.04(6).
  • Lewd or lascivious battery –
    • engaging in sexual activity with a person 12 years of age or older but less than 16 years of age; or
    • encouraging, forcing, or enticing any person less than 16 years of age to engage in sadomasochistic abuse, sexual bestiality, prostitution, or
    • any other act involving sexual activity. § 800.04(4).

Sexual Performance by a Child – § 827.071

Crimes for sexual performance by a child often cross into other categories of crimes such as sexual battery, lewd or lascivious offenses, incest, or child pornography. Many of these crimes are with crimes for child pornography or computer-facilitated crimes.

Crimes for sexual performance by a child involve a victim who is less than 18 years of age. On the other hand, lewd or lascivious offenses involve victims who are less than 16 years of age.

Additional Resources

Criminal Statutes of Limitations in Florida for Sexual Battery – Visit the RAINN website to find a list of sexually motivated offenses and the corresponding statute of limitations for each offense. The list was last updated in December of 2017.

Sex Offender Unit of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office – The sex offender unit of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office is responsible for monitoring more than 900 sexual offenders that reside in this county. Every quarter, the unit conducts address verifications at the home of each sexual offender or predator. The unit also investigates violations or complaints.

Pasco Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Unit
Land O’ Lakes Detention Center
20101 Central Blvd, Land O’ Lakes, FL

This article was last updated on Friday, August 17, 2018.

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