Child Protection Team of Pasco County

The criminal defense attorneys at Sammis Law Firm represent individuals in cases involving Child Protection Investigators (CPI) with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and/or the Child Protection Team of Pasco County which are two entirely different entities.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office (PSO) Child Protective Investigations (CPI) Division responds to reports of alleged child abuse. The purpose of the investigation by CPI is to make sure any child in the home is not experiencing abuse or neglect. Click here to read more about PSO’s CPI Division which is a separate entity from the Child Protection Team of Pasco County.

The Child Protection Team performs expert child abuse assessments in Pasco County, FL. The medical and social work staff works with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Child Protection Investigators (CPI) during investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, and child neglect.

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Florida Section 39.303 for Child Protection Teams

Section 39.303(2), Florida Statutes, identifies specific children and maltreatment mandated for the referral to the Child Protection Team. Florida law does not, however, limit referrals to those specifically mandated.

The target groups for assessments by Child Protection include:

  • physically abused children (particularly those 0-5 years of age)
  • sexually abused children
  • children who lack health care (such as medically neglected children)

The Child Protection Team services help the child protective investigations conducted by the Florida Department of Children and Families and law enforcement.

To fully document alleged physical and sexual abuse and neglect, the Child Protection Team in the County of Pasco conducts:

  • Child abuse medical assessments;
  • Psychological assessments and evaluations;
  • Forensic and specialized interviews requested by Law Enforcement & Child Protective Investigations;
  • Crisis interventions;
  • Risk assessments;
  • Multidisciplinary case staffing; and
  • Case management and referral for services professional; and
  • Community training and education

Florida Statute Section 39.303 grants the Children’s Medical Services Program in the Department of Health the authority to develop, maintain and coordinate Child Protection Team services through contracts with local community-based programs such as the Child Protection Team of Pasco County.

Employees of Pasco County Child Protection Team

Employees of the Pasco County Child Protection Team include:

  • the CPT Clinical Supervisor;
  • the CPT Medical Director;
  • the Senior CPT Specialist;
  • several CPT Specialists;
  • a Data Entry Specialist;
  • a CPNP;
  • nurse practitioners, including:
    • Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (CPNP); and
    • several Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP).

Motions for the Child Protection Team to Produce Documents and Provide Testimony

Sometimes, the Assistant State Attorney or the criminal defense attorney will file a motion for the child protection team to provide records and testimony. As grounds for the motion, the parties will often show:

  1. The State of Florida has charged the defendant with a felony involving child abuse, neglect, or sexual abuse.
  2. The Child Protection Team investigated, performed interviews, and obtained relevant information in the above-referenced criminal case.
  3. The Child Protection Team’s records are deemed confidential under Florida Statute Section 39.202, and, therefore exempt from the provisions of Florida Statute Section 119.07, Public Records.
  4. Florida Statute 39.202 allows the release of records to the State Attorney’s Office and such records have, or will be obtained, and provided in discovery to the criminal defense attorneys by the Office of the State Attorney.
  5. Testimony regarding the Child Protection Team’s investigation and/or records of the reported child abuse, neglect or sexual abuse relating to the Defendant herein and/or the child victim(s) in this case are necessary for the prosecution or defense of this case.
  6. Such testimony and/or records are confidential, and employees or former employees of the Child Protection Team are not subject to subpoena by the defense for deposition absent a Court has balanced the interests of the child against the interest of the Defendant. See Section 39.2021, Florida Statutes

These motions request that the Court enter an Order, without hearing under Florida Statute Section 39.202 and 39.2021, requiring the Child Protection Team’s employees or former employees to provide testimony and/or records for particular children named in the motion during deposition or any other judicial proceedings.

The proceedings are related to the above-referenced criminal case and authorize the State to provide copies of such discoverable information to defense counsel.

Additional Resources

Trauma Treatment Programs in Pasco County – One therapy option at the Children’s Advocacy Center is the Trauma Treatment Team which the Florida Department of Health designates as one of only fourteen sexual abuse treatment programs across Florida. Children who are 3-18 in Pasco County can receive treatment. Referrals come from Child Protective Investigations, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the Pasco County Public Schools, and Eckart Community Alternatives after the abuse is reported to the Child Abuse Hotline and/or Law Enforcement and the symptoms that the child is exhibiting symptoms that interfere with day to day functioning.

This article was last updated on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.