Criminal Mischief in Pinellas County

The crime of criminal mischief is described in Section 806.13, F.S. At trial, the prosecutor must prove the following elements beyond all reasonable doubt including:

  • the defendant willfully and maliciously injures or damages by any means;
  • any real or personal property belonging to another;
  • including by the placement of graffiti or other acts of vandalism.

Because of the impulsive nature of criminal mischief, many of these cases involve minor children charged in juvenile court in Bartow, Polk County, FL.

Attorney for Criminal Mischief Crimes in Pinellas County, FL

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Penalties for Criminal Mischief in Florida

The penalty for criminal mischief under Section 806.13, F.S., generally corresponds to the cost of the damage as follows:

  • if the damage is $200 or less, the crime is charged as a second degree misdemeanor;
  • if the damage is greater than $200 but less than $1,000, the crime is charged as a first degree misdemeanor;
  • if the damage is $1,000 or greater, the crime is charged as a third degree felony.

Regardless of the value of the damage, the crime of criminal mischief can also be charged as a third degree felony if there is an interruption or impairment of a business operation or public communication, transportation, supply of water, gas or power, or other public service which costs $1,000 or more in labor and supplies to restore.

The crime of criminal mischief might also be enhanced to a third degree felony based on:

  • a prior criminal mischief conviction; or
  • the nature of the property damaged, including when a person damages:
    • a church, synagogue, mosque, or another place of worship, or any religious article contained therein, if the damage to the property is greater than $200;
    • a memorial or historic property, if the damage is greater than $200;
    • a public telephone and other communication apparatuses, regardless of the value of the damage; or
    • a sexually violent predator detention or commitment facility or any property contained therein, if the damage is valued greater than $200.

A person who commits criminal mischief by the placement of graffiti must also pay a fine, which increases based on the number of convictions. A minor child who commits a delinquent act of criminal mischief is also subject to additional penalties that can be imposed in juvenile court.

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Additional Resources

File a Report for Criminal Mischief with the Pinellas Park Police Department – The Pinellas Park Police Department has the option of filing an online report for criminal mischief when the suspect is unknown. The report includes the date and time the incident happened, where the incident occurred, who is involved in this incident, and a description of the incident.

This article was last updated on Thursday, June 29, 2023.