Internet Marketing for Criminal Defense Attorneys

This website was first designed by Internet Lava, LLC, in the fall of 2010. We are happy to recommend the services of this company to any law firm that needs website design services or a better internet marketing strategy.

The company is experienced in building websites for criminal and DUI defense attorneys nationwide. Internet Lava takes a full-service approach while using the highest ethical standards to help attorneys market their practice in a professional way.

Most importantly, the company develops helpful and informative content for the website that speaks to your ideal clients as they begin their search for an attorney.

The design team at Internet Lava doesn’t use generic law firm website design templates. Instead, each website has a custom design. Visit Internet Lava’s portfolio to find inspiration for your law firm’s website design.

While other companies take a “hide the ball” approach, Internet Lava makes it easy to have an effective internet presence for a reasonable price.

Internet Lava, LLC, has helped us focus on the types of cases we want. It has helped us communicate our message to our ideal clients before they even pick up the phone.

Feel free to contact us directly at (813) 250-0500 if you want more information on our experience using Internet Lava, LLC, to design and maintain our website.

By way of disclaimer, we signed an exclusive contract with the company for criminal defense web design and development in Hillsborough County, FL. We also invested in the company in early 2010 when it was founded. We still own part of the company today.

Importance of Content for Criminal Defense Websites

Our website is built on an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) on WordPress that lets us add or edit information on any page on the website. We just log in to the CMS from any computer, go to the page we want to edit, and hit the edit button. 

Adding a new page is just as easy.

Internet Lava, LLC, also helped us set up all our social media profiles, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The company also helped us set up our business listings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Learn more about Internet Lava’s philosophy for publishing informative content – Internet Marketing for Criminal Defense Lawyers.

The content is important. Our website has more than 600 pages of informative content related to topics important to our potential clients.

When discussing a specific criminal charge in state court, the content describes the elements of the offense, the maximum and minimum penalties, the standard jury instructions, and important defenses that might apply to that type of charge.

By having more content and better content, the pages on our website are found by a person looking specifically for that information online. This method allows us to focus on attracting the types of cases we want so we don’t waste our time on the types of cases that we don’t want.

Contact Information for Internet Lava, LLC

Internet Lava, LLC
Toll-Free: (800) 292-LAVA (5282)
Local: (713) 462-5282

This article was last updated on Monday, May 8, 2023.