USF Student Accused of Sexual Violence

What happens if a college student at the University of South Florida (USF) is accused of sexual violence, rape, sexual harassment, or other misconduct? The University of South Florida treats these allegations very seriously. Even if a crime is never charged, the University of South Florida can institute a disciplinary hearing to expel the student.

False allegations have occurred. The University of South Florida provides many accommodations for students who allege they were raped or violated sexually by another student, even if no physical evidence supports the allegations. In many of these cases, the alleged victim does not make the allegation until days or weeks after the incident which makes it impossible to obtain a forensic medical exam.

For instance, the alleged victim can receive reasonable academic accommodations for late assignments, missed classes, and other course requirements. Advocates even help students who want to withdraw from courses under better terms.

The USF website even has a section explaining how the victim of a crime who reports the incident to law enforcement within 72 hours, may be eligible for financial compensation from the Victim Compensation from the Florida Attorney General’s Office.

The alleged victim has a team of non-judgmental advocates. No such services are provided to a student accused of misconduct. In order for the process to be fair, you should consider retaining the services of an experienced attorney. Representing yourself is never a good idea.

Attorneys for USF Students in Title IX Hearings for Sexual Violence

The criminal defense attorneys at Sammis Law Firm represent students at USF who are accused of rape or other forms of sexual violence. Never make a statement to the authorities about these types of serious allegations until after you have spoken to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

We can help you fight false allegations before an arrest occurs or the University of South Florida (USF) triggers disciplinary action to expel you from the university. We understand the requirements of Title IX disciplinary actions for sexual offenses such as rape and foundling.

We also know the requirements for allegations involving dating violence, domestic violence, hate crimes, and stalking. Even allegations of “sexual harassment” are also covered by Title IX, even if the alleged act would not qualify as a crime.

We represent students at each of the USF campuses including Tampa, St. Pete, and Sarasota-Manatee.

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Additional Resources

Types of Sexual Violence Crimes at USF – Visit the USF website to find a section on victim advocacy explaining the different types of sexual violence crimes in Florida. The USF Center for Victim Advocacy uses professionally trained advocates who help the alleged victims of crime by providing support, advocacy, and crisis intervention services.

This article was last updated on Friday, October 30, 2020.