Code Enforcement in Hillsborough County

The most common type of code enforcement actions in Hillsborough County, FL, include:

  • illegal dumping
  • building too close to the property line
  • not properly maintaining an overgrown lot
  • leaving abandoned vehicles parked on the property
  • construction without securing the necessary permits

For code enforcement actions, property owners might receive a notice for a large fine. The city or county can then impose liens on the property. In Section 162 actions, the property owner has the right to receive notice of the violation and a chance to come into compliance.

The property owner can challenge the allegations during a hearing. At a hearing, the enforcing authority must show competent, substantial, and admissible evidence that the violation occurred. Strict deadlines are imposed in these cases. For instance, you only have 30 days to bring an appeal.

As explained in Section 125.69, F.S., the process counties may use for the enforcement of county ordinance violations prosecutions that are similar to prosecutions for second degree misdemeanors.

For example, in prosecutions for both second degree misdemeanors and county ordinance violations, a county court judge presides over the case, the maximum punishment is a fine up to $500, imprisonment up to 60 days, or both.

Section 125.69 also allows counties to designate code enforcement officers, who may investigate violations and issue citations in a manner similar to s. 162.21, F.S. For municipalities are allowed to enforce their ordinances and codes using code inspectors through a mechanism described in Section 166.0415, F.S.

The statute allows municipalities to designate code enforcement officers authorized to enforce municipal codes or ordinances, following the investigation, notice, and citation scheme set out in s. 162.21, F.S.

Attorney for Code Enforcement in Hillsborough County, FL

The attorneys at Sammis Law Firm also represent property owners in Hillsborough County for code enforcement actions brought by the city or county. We also represent clients accused of ordinance violations.

Accusations for violating the rules and regulations involve occupancy and use of industrial property, commercial property, and residential property.

The attorneys at Sammis Law Firm are experienced in fighting actions brought by city and county code enforcement officers. We can help you challenge an accusation that you violated a county or city regulation, code or rule, during a hearing.

Our attorneys can help you challenge the violation at hearing or file an appeal after an adverse action. In many cases, we can help you negotiate a reduced fine or prevent a lien from being placed on your commercial or residential property.

For help with Section 162 building code and safety rules, contact our attorneys for cases in Hillsborough County, FL.

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This article was last updated on Friday, April 3, 2020.