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Judges in Hillsborough County, FL

COVID-19 Update: Because of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the courts have published information on how to attend court virtually for each judge using Zoom video conferencing with a special Zoom Meeting ID number and password.

The judicial directory for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit in Hillsborough County, FL, can be found at https://www.fljud13.org/JudicialDirectory.aspx. The directory contains the judge’s name, phone number, courtroom number, office number, and judicial assistant’s name.

Each judge has a profile page that contains additional contact information, the judge’s procedures/preferences, forms, schedule, orders, related links, media, and announcements. From the profile page, you can also find the court’s link for zoom virtual hearings during the COVID-19 crisis.

Circuit Court Judges in Hillsborough County, FL

For the Circuit Criminal Division, Administrative Order A-2020-055 just announced the new Judicial Assignments in Hillsborough County. The new assignments that became effective on January 1, 2020, unless otherwise noted:

Circuit Criminal Division

  • Division A – Judge Barbara Twine Thomas
  • Division B – Judge Lyann Goudie
  • Division C – Judge Christine A. Marlewski
  • Division D – Judge Michael S. Williams
  • Division E – Judge Mark D. Kiser
  • Division F – Judge Kimberly K. Fernandez
  • Division G – Judge Melissa M. Polo
  • Division I – Judge Laura E. Ward

Specialty Divisions for Circuit Criminal

  • Division J – Post-Conviction – Judge Michelle Sisco
  • Division K- Violation of Probation – Judge Nick Nazaretian
  • Division M – Mental Health –

Trial Divisions

  • 1 -Trial –

Veterans Treatment Court Division

Drug Court Divisions

  • Division W – Drug Court – Judge Elizabeth G. Rice
  • Division Y – Judge Elizabeth G. Rice
  • Division Z – Marchman Act – Judge Michael J. Scionti

Protective Injunction Divisions

  • Division G – Judge Frances M. Perrone
  • Division H – Judge Jessica G. Costello
  • Division K – Judge Lisa A. Allen
  • [Division N – Risk Protection Orders – Judge Frances M. Perrone]

Juvenile Delinquency Division

  • Division A – Judge Lawrence M. Lefler
  • Division B – Juvenile Mental Health – Judge Ronald N. Ficarrotta
  • Division F – Judge Thomas N. Palermo
  • Division M – Delinquency Crossover – Judge Robert A. Bauman

Juvenile Delinquency Drug Court Division

  • Division E – Judge Elizabeth G. Rice

Probate, Guardianship and Mental Health Division

  • Division A – Judge Vivian T. Corvo
  • Division M – Judge Ronald N. Ficarrotta
  • Division N – Risk Protection Orders – Judge Frances M. Perrone

County Court Judges in Hillsborough County, FL

  • Division A – The Honorable Jack N. Gutman
    • if the first letter of the defendant’s last name is A, E, F, G, I, O, Q, S, U, Z
    • https://zoom.us/j/99510683326 ID: 995-1068-3326 PW: Not Required
  • Division C – The Honorable Scott A. Farr
    • if the first letter of the defendant’s last name is B, D, M, V, X, Y
    • https://zoom.us/j/9814348181 ID: 981-434-8181 PW: Not Required
  • Division D – The Honorable Paul T. Jeske
    •  if the first letter of the defendant’s last name is C, K, N, R, T
    • https://zoom.us/j/5713105947 ID: 571-310-5947 PW: Not Required
  • Division E – The Honorable John N. Conrad
    • if the first letter of the defendant’s last name is H, J, L, P, W
    • https://zoom.us/j/95687943345 ID: 956-8794-3345 PW: Not Required
  • Division O – Preliminary Proceedings – The Honorable Catherine M. Catlin
    • https://zoom.us/j/4974569011 ID: 497-456-9011 PW: Not Required

The County Criminal Division “G” was abolished effective October 21, 2019. Effective December 31, 2020, County Criminal Division “B” which was assigned to The Honorable Eric R. Myers was abolished.

Civil Infractions

  • Division F – Civil Traffic Infractions – Judge Margaret R. Taylor
  • Division T – Non-Criminal Non-Traffic Infractions – Judge Daryl M. Manning

This article was last updated on Friday, April 30, 2021.

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