Tier 2 D.R.O.P DUI Diversion in Pasco

If you were arrested for a first DUI in Pasco County, FL, then you might be eligible for the new diversion program called “D.R.O.P.” The Tier 2 diversion conditions are required if you refused the chemical test, or if your breath or blood alcohol concentration was above 0.120 but below 0.150.

Your attorney can help you apply at or before your second pretrial hearing. The pre-plea conditions include:

  1. submit an application and $50.00 application fee;
  2. perform 20 hour of community service with an approved provider;
  3. complete DUI school and any recommended follow up treatment; and
  4. complete the MADD Victim Impact Panel.

After the pre-plea conditions are met and you are approved for the diversion program by the State Attorney’s Office, then the prosecutor will reduce the DUI to reckless driving under Section 316.192(5) in exchange for a guilty plea.

The plea terms require the court to adjudicate you guilty of reckless driving and imposed 9 months probation with no chance for early termination to complete the following special conditions:

  1. $250 fine plus other financial requirements that might include the costs of prosecution, costs off supervision, lab fee, and court costs;
  2. proof of successful completion of DUI school and any recommended alcohol or substance abuse counseling and treatment;
  3. proof of completion of the MADD Victim Impact Panel (VIP) (call 813-935-2676 ext. 7282 to enroll);
  4. complete 50 hours of community service;
  5. ten (10) day vehicle immobilization;
  6. no alcohol or non-prescribed drug consumption while on probation;
  7. no entering bars, clubs, or establishments where alcoholic beverages are served;
  8. mandatory random drug and alcohol testing conducted by probation at the defendant’s expense.

Attorney for Tier 2 DROP Diversion in Pasco County, FL

An experienced DUI defense attorney in Pasco County, FL, can help you understand the pros and cons of entering a diversion program.

An attorney can also help you contest the administrative suspension of your driver’s license but you must act quickly. You only have 10 days after your arrest to file a DEMAND for a formal review hearing with the DHSMV.

For any DUI in Pasco County, the formal review hearings are funneled to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews Office in Tampa, FL. When the demand is filed, your attorney can secure your 42-day permit so you can continue to drive for hardship purposes including work and school.

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