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Arrests by Officers with Largo Police Department

With more than 150 sworn officers and 50 civilian support staff, the police department in the City of Largo takes a pro-active approach to the enforcement of criminal laws and ordinances through the city limits. The Largo Police Department has an  annual budget is over $2.6 million.

Specialty assignments for officers at the Largo Police Department include:

  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Detective Division
  • Honor Guard
  • Investigative Services Section with detectives for Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Property
  • K9 Unit with four hog and handler teams cross-trained in patrol, narcotics detection, and SWAT
  • Problem-Oriented Police Unit
  • School Resource Officer (SRO)
  • Special Incident Response Team (SIRT)
  • TAC Team (SWAT) (Assault, Snipers, MRAP, Humvee, robot)
  • Traffic Safety/DUI/Motor Unit and Traffic Homicide Investigations

Attorney for an Arrest by the Largo Police Department

If you were arrested by an officer with the Largo Police Department, then contact us for a free and confidential consultation. During the consultation, we can discuss the charges pending against you, the potential penalties for that offense, and the best ways to fight the charges.

We understand the standard operating procedures used by officers at the Largo Police Department. During our investigation, we can determine what mistakes were made by the officers investigating the case. If evidence was illegally obtained, we can file the appropriate motions to suppress or dismiss the charges.

If you plan on hiring a criminal defense attorney, do so at the earliest stages of the case so that your rights can be protected.

Call 813-250-0500.

DUI Enforcement by Officers with the Police Department in Largo, FL

The Largo Police Department has specialty assignments for the DUI Enforcement Unit (Traffic Safety/DUI/Motor Unit). The police department in Largo, FL, maintains its own Intoxilyzer 8000 machine. After a DUI arrest, the suspect is often taken to the Largo Police Department to sit on a bench while the officer reads an implied consent warning posted on the wall across from the bench.

At that point, the suspect is asked whether they will submit to the breath test or want to refuse to submit. If the person has a BAC over the legal limit of .08 or refuses to submit, then the officer will trigger an administrative suspension of the driver’s license.

After a DUI arrest in Largo, FL, you only have 10 days to hire an attorney to demand a FORMAL review hearing. If you do not win the formal review hearing, your driver’s license will be administratively suspended for between 6-18 months and that notation will remain on your driver’s license for the next 75 years.

Although some people might tell you to waive all your rights by seeking immediate hardship reinstatement, find out why we always recommend demanding a formal review hearing and getting a 42-day permit so that you can keep driving while your attorney fights the suspension.

Demanding a formal review hearing is the ONLY way to contest the administrative suspension. Otherwise, it will remain on your driving record for 75 years.

Don’t waive your rights at the Bureau of Administrative Reviews office in Clearwater until AFTER you speak to us about the benefits of demanding a formal review hearing.

We can help you challenge the administrative suspension of your driver’s license (so the DUI notation doesn’t remain on your driving record for the next 75 years). Our DUI defense attorneys can also help you fight the criminal charges in court.

DUI Breath Test (Breathalyzer) at Largo Police Department

The Largo Police Department’s alcohol testing program maintains an Intoxilyzer 8000 machine with the serial number 80-001079. The Intoxilyzer 8000 is the only breath test machine currently being used in Florida in DUI cases.

Update: The breathalyzer machine assigned to the Largo Police Department, serial number 80-001079, recently had problems with DPS start-up failures.

The machine was sent to the FDLE Alcohol Testing Program (ATP) lab for a department inspection where the problems with the DPS failing at start-up continued on October 18, 2018.

That same day, the machine was sent out for repairs to CMI, Inc., according to the FDLE/ATP Form 48. The problems have continued in 2019 and 2020.

If the breath test machine is not in substantial compliance with the administrative rules, then your criminal defense attorney can file a motion to throw out the breath test reading at trial.

The best way to win a breath test case is to file the appropriate motions asking the court to prohibit the prosecutor from introducing the breath test reading at trial.

DUI Refusal to Submit to Breath Testing in Largo, FL

After a DUI arrest, the officer will conduct the impound of the vehicle per policy and procedure. The driver is transported to the Largo Police Department to provide him or her with the opportunity to conduct the breath test.

Upon arrival at the Largo Police Department, the officer will make sure the subject’s mouth is free of any foreign objects and begin a 20 minute observation period.

After the 20 minute observation period has been completed and the breath test machine is ready for a breath sample, the officer will ask the subject if he is willing to conduct the breath test.

If the subject says “no,” then the officer will read Florida’s implied consent warning (which is written on board posted on a wall in front of the subject).

The officer will then ask if the subject has any questions about the implied consent warning. Then the officer will ask the subject if, having these rights in mind, the subject will take the breath test.

If the subject continues to refuse testing, then the officer will document the refusal on the DUI Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) and other appropriate paperwork. The officer then enters the Watch Guard Refusal Video into evidence for further information regarding the reading of implied consent and refusal.

Largo Police Department DUI Supplemental Reports

In every DUI case involving an arrest by an officer with the LPD, the officer will complete “The Largo Police Department DUI Supplement.”

The supplement report will list the following information:

  • the date
  • the report number
  • the time of contact
  • custody time
  • the subject’s information
  • the reason for the stop
  • the referral officer
  • whether the stop was dispatched or self-initiated, the crash primary officer
  • whether any backup officer was involved in the investigation
  • whether the subject was transported to the hospital
  • the type of testing that occurred (urine or blood)
  • whether a Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE) was involved in the investigation
  • the infraction area
  • the final stop area
  • whether video of the infraction exists
  • whether video of the stop exists
  • information about any prior DUI conviction dates
  • other infractions
  • vehicle information
  • passenger information

The form also has a section to show when Miranda Warnings were given and whether the suspect agreed to talk or took the 5th Amendment right to remain silent. If the suspect waives their right to remain silent, then the arresting officer is trained to ask the following questions and note the response on the standardized form:

  1. where are you coming from?
  2. where are you going?
  3. what street are you on?
  4. have you been drinking?
  5. what have you been drinking?
  6. where were you drinking?
  7. when did you last sleep?
  8. how much sleep did you have?
  9. when did you last eat?
  10. what did you last eat?
  11. are you sick, injured, or have any physical disability?
  12. are there any mechanical problems with the vehicle?
  13. have you taken any drugs or medications?
  14. time of the last dose?
  15. do you feel the effects of the alcoholic beverage or drugs you have consumed?
  16. in your opinion, are you under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or drug?
  17. what time is it?
  18. are you wearing contact lenses?
  19. do you have vision in both eyes?
  20. are you under the care of a doctor or dentist?
  21. are you epileptic or diabetic?

If your DUI with property damage arrest in Pinellas County, FL, involved a crash or accident, then the officer is trained to ask the following questions:

  1. where were you driving the vehicle?
  2. were you involved in the crash?
  3. have you had any alcoholic beverages or drugs since the crash?
  4. were you drinking or using drugs prior to the crash?
  5. were you injured in the crash?
  6. describe what happened in the crash?

The DUI Supplement report allows the arresting officer to document information about how the subject performs on field sobriety exercises including the horizontal gaze nystagmus, the walk and turn, the one-leg stand, the Romberg alphabet, and the finger to nose exercise.

The form also lists various “clues of impairment” that the officer might check including the odor of alcohol on the breath, bloodshot, watery, or glassy eyes, slurred or mumbling speech, and a flushed face.

If you were arrested by an officer with the Largo Police Department then contact an experienced DUI defense attorney for Pinellas County, FL, at Sammis Law Firm.

Additional Resources

DUI Intox Room at Largo Police Department

Largo Police Department’s Post on MADD Award – Visit the Facebook profile page for the Largo Police Department to find a post from July 31, 2018, congratulating Office Christina Silverstein, on the DUI enforcement unit after she received the Century Award during a banquet hosted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) The MADD Century Award is given out to officers with more than 100 arrests in a calendar year (regardless of whether a conviction occurred). Officer Christina Silverstein also receive the Distinguished Individual Effort Award. Another post shows that in 2015, RID (Remove Intoxicated Drivers) Tampa Bay, held a banquet recognizing high performing DUI enforcement officers including J. Rice and C. Silverstein at the Largo Police Department.

This article was last updated on Monday, November 16, 2020.

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