Pinellas Park Police Department

The Pinellas Park Police Department serves a population of 45,000. More than 150 employees work for the agency with more than 100 full-time police officers.

Chief Michael Haworth is the current Chief of Police with the Pinellas Park Police Department. Chief Haworth replaced Dorene Thomas as the Police Chief in 2015.

The Criminal Investigations Section (CIS) of the police department in Pinellas Park conducts follow-up investigations of all felony crimes occurring within the city limits. Cases are assigned to detectives based on several factors including the specialized training of each detective and the seriousness of the crime.

Attorney for an Arrest by the Pinellas Park Police Department

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We understand the policies and procedures contained in the standard operating procedures used by this agency. Deviations from those procedures might help you assert a defense in your case to fight the charges.

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DUI Arrests by the Police Department in Pinellas Park, FL

Law enforcement officers on the Traffic Unit at the PPPD enforce traffic laws throughout Pinellas Park, FL. Officers on the traffic unit in Pinellas Park, FL, have training in different areas of traffic enforcement including:

  • DUI investigations
  • Criminal and civil traffic infractions
  • Traffic crash investigations
  • Traffic homicide investigations

Officers on the DUI Unit in Pinellas Park, FL, have special training to detect drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The officers have training on how to conduct field sobriety exercises. Some of the officers are certified Drug Recognition Evaluators (DRE). These officers have training on ways to identify individuals under the influence of chemical substances.

Officers in the DUI Unit of the Pinellas Park Police Department participate in DUI Wolfpacks and saturation patrols at checkpoints.

Officers of the Year Award Recipients in Pinellas Park

In Pinellas Park, the past award recipients for Officer of the Year include:

  • 2020 Detective Bridget Hurt
  • 2019 Officer Hassett
  • 2018 Officer Per Haugland
  • 2017 Sergeant John Shea
  • 2016 Sergeant Roxanne Pohl
  • 2015 Officer Jimmy Rexroad (retired)
  • 2014 Corporal Scott Galley
  • 2013 Detective Dave Plageman
  • 2012 Captain Adam Geissenberger
  • 2011 Officer Steve Vangeli (Retired)
  • 2010 Detective Michael Piacenza
  • 2009 Detective E. J. Stevens (Retired)
  • 2008 Sergeant Dean LoBianco
  • 2007 Sergeant Michael Lynch
  • 2006 Corporal Michael Bingnear

Additional Resources

Pinellas Park Police Department – Visit the website of the Pinellas Park Police Department to find information on the traffic unit. The Pinellas Park Police is located at 7700 59th Street N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781. The non-emergency number is 727-369-7864. The current Chief of Police is Chief Michael Haworth.

Jobs at the Pinellas Park Police Department – Visit YouTube to find recruitment videos on joining the Pinellas Park Police Department published on June 29, 2018. 

Seizures and Forfeiture Actions in Pinellas Park – The City of Pinellas Park is fond of the “negotiated settlement” agreements. Under those agreements, law enforcement officers with the Pinellas Park Police Department might force a person to sign a settlement agreement to assign the property to the City of Pinellas Park. The City Manager and the City Clerk will sign and attest to the settlement agreement after the fact. The person who is forced to sign the agreement is told that all rights have been waived under Florida Statute 932.704(7) to request an adverse preliminary hearing or trial on the seizure. If you have been forced to sign such an agreement, contact an attorney about filing and litigating the demand for an adversarial preliminary hearing within 15 days of receipt of the notice of seizure form.

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