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Domestic Violence in Lakeland, FL

This article explains how officers with the Lakeland Police Department investigate domestic violence crimes.

Standard operating procedures set the rules for officers at the Lakeland Police Department during domestic violence battery investigations.

General Order 15-1 was issued on 01/13/2012 and last revised on 04/19/2019. It establishes the function and responsibilities of the Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART).

Although all agency members receive specialized training in the field of domestic violence investigations, the Lakeland Police Department uses specially trained members to intervene in instances of domestic violence.

The DART Coordinator is responsible for attending meetings, assisting with transportation for victims, providing Domestic Violence training, and preparing monthly and quarterly reports and requests from chain-of-command.

If necessary, the DART Coordinator advocates directly for the victim with law enforcement agencies or hospital personnel. The DART Coordinator also reviews each Domestic Violence report daily for follow-up.

Comprised of patrol officers, DART is a component of the Community Services Division (CSD/Community Services Section).

At the Lakeland Police Department, the patrol officers are trained in domestic violence response and investigation. These officers receive periodic updates and additional training at the Mini Academy and Field Training Program.

Necessary referrals for the victim of domestic violence in Lakeland, FL, will be made by the responding officer. Those referrals include an information packet from the Peace River Center.

During a domestic violence investigation, officers are trained to complete the domestic violence/dating violence checklist and forward a copy to the DART coordinator.

Attorney for Domestic Violence Crimes in Lakeland, FL

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This article was last updated on Friday, April 28, 2023.

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