Stalking Injunctions in Pasco County

Were you served with a temporary injunction for protection against stalking in Pasco County?

If so, the court might order you to appear for a full hearing at the courthouse in New Port Richey or Dade City.

Call an experienced attorney at the Sammis Law Firm. For more than fifteen years, we represented respondents in these types of hearings in Pasco County, FL.

If you believe the accusations are false or exaggerated, we can help you fight the petitioner’s request for a stalking injunction for protection.

First, we can ask for a continuance to have adequate time to investigate the accusations and be fully prepared for the hearing on the petition.

Second, we can take the deposition of the Petitioner and any witnesses the Petitioner intends to call to testify at the hearing.

Third, we can represent you during any final hearing by questioning the petitioner, calling witnesses, or presenting other evidence.

We fight these cases aggressively for an outright dismissal when the allegations are false or exaggerated or insufficient evidence exists to support the accusation.

Attorney for Stalking Injunction Hearings in Pasco County, FL

Suppose you were served with a “temporary injunction for protection against stalking” under Florida Statute Section 784.0485 in Pasco County, FL.

In that case, the return hearing will be scheduled in either Dade City or New Port Richey.

Call us to schedule a consultation. We understand that the temporary stalking injunction was issued without notice to you.

We can help you fight false or exaggerated accusations at the hearing. We also represent clients who have been arrested for the crime of stalking in Pasco County, FL.

Our attorneys represent clients after they are served with an injunction for protection against stalking, domestic violence, dating violence, repeat violence, or sexual violence.

We also represent clients charged with stalking crimes, aggravated stalking offenses or violating a stalking injunction at the courthouse in New Port Richey or Dade City, FL.

Our criminal defense attorneys for Pasco County, FL, can begin your case today.

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What is the Timeline for a Stalking Injunction Case?

If the court grants an ex parte temporary injunction, the order is supposed to last for a period that is less than 15 days. During that time, the court must schedule the full return hearing.

With a request from either the petitioner or the respondent, the court can grant a continuance with a showing of good cause.

The petitioner often asks for a continuance when the respondent was not served. The respondent will often ask for a continuance to hire an attorney, take a deposition, or have additional time to secure evidence or the testimony of witnesses.

During the continuance, the court can extend the temporary order under Florida Statute Section §784.0485(5)(c).

What is the Worst that Can Happen if the Judge Grants the Final Injunction?

If the court grants the injunction for stalking after a full hearing, then the court can order any of the following things:

  • Restraining the respondent from committing any future act of stalking;
  • Other relief necessary for the protection of a victim of stalking, including directives to law enforcement agencies; or
  • Ordering the respondent to participate in treatment, intervention, or counseling services to be paid for by the respondent.

The respondent also has to worry about an injunction’s indirect or collateral consequences.

The injunction is a public record in even the most basic background check. Having an injunction will make it more difficult to find a job, continue your education, or even rent an apartment.

Suppose you are accused of violating the injunction for stalking. In that case, you can be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor for violating the injunction or a third-degree felony for aggravated stalking.

If you possess a firearm or ammunition while the injunction is in effect, you can be charged with a criminal offense under either state or federal law.

The Florida Legislature passed HB 1099, creating a cause of action for a civil injunction for protection against stalking. See Ch. 2012-153, Laws of Fla.

If you were served with a petition for an injunction against stalking or cyberstalking, find an attorney to help you fight the charges.

We help clients accused of stalking, aggravated stalking, or violation of an order for protection against stalking.

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This article was last updated on Thursday, April 21, 2022.