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Direct Criminal Contempt

Rule 3.830 of the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure describes the rules and procedures applicable to a charge of direct criminal contempt.  Rule 3.830 provides as follows:

[a] criminal contempt may be punished summarily if the court saw or heard the conduct constituting the contempt committed in the actual presence of the court.
The judgment of guilt of contempt shall include a recital of those facts upon which the adjudication of guilt is based.
Prior to the adjudication of guilt the judge shall inform the defendant of the accusation against him and inquire as to whether he has any cause to show why he should not be adjudged guilty of contempt by the Court and sentenced therefor.
The defendant shall be given the opportunity to present evidence of excusing or mitigating circumstances.
The judgment shall be signed by the judge and entered of record. Sentence shall be pronounced in open court.

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