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Driving for Hardship Purposes after a DUI Conviction

After a DUI arrest, you might be facing two consequences to your driver’s license. The first is the on-the-spot administrative suspension, typically explained in the notice on your DUI citation after the arrest. The second is the revocation of your driver’s license that the court orders at the time of a DUI conviction for at […]

Written by Leslie Sammis on August 29, 2022

DHSMV’s New Procedures for Expedited Review of Hardship Driving Privileges

After a DUI arrest, if you demand a formal review hearing and the administrative suspension is not invalidated, you will qualify for a hardship license until after the hard suspension. The hard suspension period is: 30-day for a first DUI with a BAC over .08; a 90-day hard suspension for a DUI with a first […]

Written by Leslie Sammis on February 18, 2022