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Problems with Florida’s Public Database for Soliciting for Prostitution (“Registry of Johns”)

As a criminal defense attorney, I’ve been representing men charged with soliciting a prostitute for more than 20 years. We fight these cases aggressively to help our clients avoid a plea to Florida Statute Section 796.07(2)(f) because of the draconian sanctions and collateral consequences that come with that plea. Personally, I don’t think soliciting sex between […]

Written by Leslie Sammis on July 1, 2022

Florida’s New Prohibitions on Abortions after 15 Weeks

Many expect the U.S. Supreme Court will soon overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. Once that occurs, many fear that police and prosecutors will come between a woman and her doctor as important reproductive decisions are made. The State Attorney in Florida’s Thirteenth Judicial Circuit has been vocal on the issue saying: […]

Written by Leslie Sammis on May 7, 2022