DUI Strategic Planning Worksheet

If you were just arrested for DUI, this worksheet might help you plan the best way to fight the charges pending against you.

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  • The DHSMV Administrative License Suspension

__ the attorney will demand the “formal review hearing” (FRH) within 10 days of the arrest.

__ the attorney will obtain the 42-day permit when the FRH demand is made.

__ pick up the 42-day permit from the attorney’s office before the 10th day after the arrest.

  • Evidence Request – your attorney will help you obtain the following documents:

__ Police Reports;

__ Witness Statements;

__ Dash Cam Video showing the driving pattern and roadside investigation;

__ Video of Backseat Transport to Jail; and

__ Video of Reading of Implied Consent Warning / Video.

  • Court Dates – your attorney will email you a notice about any court date for the following:

__ Arraignment

__ Disposition Hearings

                      __ sign waiver of appearance form

__ Motion Hearings

__ Motion to Dismiss

__ Motion to Suppress or Exclude

__ Motion in Limine

__ Pre-Trial Conference

__ Jury Trial

__ Request Bench Trial

__ Request Jury Trial

__ Direct Appeal

  • The Arrest

__ Determine eligibility to or expunge the criminal history record (arrest record and mugshot)

  • Bond

__ Seek Return of the Cash Bond Paid

Potential Outcomes

  • DUI Sanctions

__ Conviction / Adjudication vs. Withhold of Adjudication

__ Fines and Court Costs

__ Jail or Probation

__ DUI School

__ Follow-up treatment

__ Court ordered driver’s license suspension

__ Vehicle Impound

__ Ignition Interlock Device

__ Enhancement

__ Prior Convictions

  • Reduction to Reckless Driving
  • Reduction to Careless Driving
  • Prosecutor Drops Charges
  • Judge Dismisses Charges
  • Expunction or Sealing of Criminal History Record

Defense to Dismiss DUI

  • __ Illegal Stop

__ no probable cause for the stop

__ no reasonable suspicion for the stop

__ illegal checkpoint

__ no reasonable suspicion to request field sobriety exercises

__ prolonged detention

  • __ Motion to Suppress Statements

__ Miranda Warnings Not Read

  • __ Motion to Exclude Breath Test Results

__ lack of compliance with administrative rules

__ monthly inspection

__ annual inspection

__ subject test error

  • __ Motion to Exclude Blood or Urine Test

__ no warrant

__ no exigent circumstances

__ not free and voluntary

  • Motion to Exclude Field Sobriety Exercises

__ Improper Administrative

__ Improper Evaluation

  • __ Inconsistencies in the police report

This article was last updated on Monday, December 19, 2022.