Economic Crimes in Pasco

In Pasco County, the Sheriff’s Office has created an Economic Crimes Unit. The unit investigates fraud-related crimes including:

  • unlicensed contracting
  • failure to obtain workers’ compensation insurance
  • scheme to defraud
  • forgery
  • counterfeiting
  • computer crimes,
  • Internet crimes,
  • exploitation of the elderly
  • identity theft

Each year, the losses from economic crimes continue to grow. Because of the complex nature of the crimes, detectives with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office work with law enforcement officers in other agencies including FBI, ATF, U.S. Postal Inspector, Secret Service, the State Attorney General, and the State Fire Marshal.

The detectives in the economic crimes unit also investigate financial crimes related to drug trafficking crimes including money laundering. Even without an arrest, detectives with the economic crimes unit might seize U.S. currency and other valuable property for civil asset forfeiture proceedings.

Attorney for Economic Crimes in Pasco County, FL

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We understand how detectives with Economic Crimes Unit in the Pasco Sheriff’s Office investigate white collar crimes. Contact us to discuss the investigation and ways to resolve the case with the best possible terms.

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This article was last updated on Thursday, May 6, 2021.