Arrest at MacDill Air Force Base

If you are apprehended or arrested for a crime at MacDill Air Force Base or property owned by the U.S. government, then you might have received a United States District Court Violation Notice. The notice might charge you with a crime under the CFR, USC, or State Code.

The most commonly charged crimes at MacDill Air Force Base include trespass, DUI, theft, shoplifting or assault. Even though MacDill is an Air Force Base, the people on base include members of other military branches, their families, contractors and venders.

After you receive the United States District Court Violation Notice for an offense that occurs on base, you might also receive a Notice of Revocation of Exchange (AAFES/Commissary (DeCA) Privileges and Lawful Order Not to Use any AAFES or DeCA Facility (Civilian and Dependents).

For example, shoplifting is a crime punishable under Title 18, Section 641, of the United States Code. If you are accused of shoplifting at an AAFES/DeCA facility on MacDill AFB FL, your DD FM 1173, Dependent Armed Forces Identification Card might be confiscated.

The revocation notice prohibits you from entering or using any facility operated by AAFES or DeCA, including but not limited to the Main Exchange, Commissary, Shoppette, Class Six store, Military Clothing Sales, or the AAFES Service Station for one year. The person can report to Pass and Identification, Building 373, for the issuance of a new identification and privileges card.

You are also permitted to provide, within ten (10) calendar days, information that may justify a reconsideration of the notification of AAFES and DeCA privileges by submitting a statement for an administrative review.

The administrative review is not a personal appearance. The review does not stop criminal prosecution in the U.S. District Court. Furthermore, anything you say during the administrative review can be used against you in the criminal case.

Attorney for Arrest at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa

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Additional Resources

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Staff Judge Advocate Legal Office at MacDill AFB – Visit the Official United States Air Force Website to learn more about the base legal office at MacDill. The base legal office provides legal services, including personal and civil legal services. Air Force legal assistance attorneys cannot provide legal advice on criminal issues. In some cases, the legal office at MacDill may recommend consultation with a civilian attorney in private practice.

This article was last updated on Monday, March 6, 2023.