Pre-Trial Intervention in Polk County, FL

In many misdemeanor cases and some lower-level felony cases, the state attorney’s office might agree to drop the charges against you if you complete a diversion program. This article discusses the pre-trial invention program in Polk County, FL, for cases pending at the courthouse in Bartow or Winter Haven, FL.

Offers for PTI are common for the following types of misdemeanor charges: petit theft, misdemeanor retail theft, misdemeanor domestic violence, and trespass.

The benefits of entering PTI occur after all special conditions are completed because then the prosecutor with the State Attorney’s Office will drop the charges. After the charges are dropped, you might be eligible to expunge the criminal record if you have no prior convictions in Florida.

Other types of diversion programs offered by the Office of the State Attorney in Polk County, FL, include:

  • Drug diversion
  • Traffic diversion
  • Varied regular diversion

The State Attorney’s Office determines eligibility for a diversion program on a case-by-case basis which depends on many different factors.

Attorney for PTI in Polk County, FL

If you are accused of a misdemeanor in Polk County, FL, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney about the pros and cons of entering the pretrial diversion program (PTI).

If you are innocent, or the prosecutor with State Attorney’s Office is otherwise unable to prove the charge against you, then the best result occurs after filing a motion to dismiss or getting a “no guilty” verdict at trial. Before you decide, contact us to discuss the case.

Our criminal defense attorneys also help clients rejected from PTI because of a prior record or a new arrest. We also represent clients with an outstanding arrest warrant issued because of an accusation that they violated the conditions of their pre-trial release.

For more information, call 813-250-0500.

Sample PTI Contract in Polk County, FL

Office of the State Attorney, Tenth Judicial Circuit

Pretrial Intervention Contract in Polk County, FL

Defendant’s Name:_______
Case Number: __________

I, _______, agree to perform the following terms as a condition of my participation in the State Attorney’s Diversion Program.

  1. On your first appointment, pay $125.00 for the “Cost of Diversion fee” which must be paid on ________ at 9:00 a.m. (4 weeks from court date).
  2. On your second appointment, you will be required to pay a $70.00 appointment fee, watch an educational video, and pay investigative costs in the amount of $_____ in the form of a money order may payable to _______.
  3. On your third and final appointment, you will be required to pay a $70.00 appointment fee, watch an educational video, and turn in all requirements listed below:
    • ___ Domestic Violence Evaluation and proof of completion of all recommended follow up treatment (DV Eval/Treatment)
    • ___ NCTI School
    • ___ Anger Management Class __ Hours
    • ___ Perform 10 hours community service at an approved location (may buy out at $84.60)
    • ___ Additional Community Service Hours in the amount of ___
    • ___ Pay restitution in the amount of $____ to _______ (please bring the money order to the State Attorney’s Office for processing)
    • ___ Psychological evaluation and completion of all recommended treatment
    • ___ Letter of apology to ________
    • ___ No contact with _________.
    • ___ Other: ________
  4. While in the Misdemeanor Diversion Program, I will not violate any local, state, or federal law.
  5. Remain gainfully employed, actively seeking employment, or attending school.
  6. Inform the State Attorney’s Office of any change in address or phone number.
  7. By entering into the diversion program, I agree to waive my right to a speedy trial.
  8. All payments must be in the form of a money order.

I understand that if I successfully complete the conditions of this contract, all criminal charges with regard to this case will be dismissed. If I fail to complete the conditions of the contract, I may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The decision as to whether or not I have successfully completed of this contract is determined solely by the State Attorney’s Office. All fees and costs are non-refundable If I have questions regarding this contract, I will contact the State Attorney’s Office Diversion Staff at 863-534-4848.

Defendant Signature
Contract Date
Mailing Address
Phone Number
State Attorney’s Office Personnel

Additional Resources

State Attorney’s Diversion Programs in Polk County, FL – Visit the website of the State Attorney Office for the Tenth (10th) Judicial Circuit to learn more about services provided for the various diversion programs. To accept entry into the diversion program, the website explains why the defendant must report to the following location the week following the arraignment or court hearing. At the Bartow Courthouse, the defendant must report to the 1st Floor (next to Red elevators) at 255 N. Broadway Ave. Bartow FL, 33830. The defendant might be given special instructions on how to log in to the SAO10 Diversion page to view videos.

This article was last updated on Monday, February 15, 2021.