Sex Crimes in Polk County

All types of sexually motivated crimes are treated seriously in Polk County, FL.

First, law enforcement officers use aggressive tactics to investigate these crimes, including elaborate undercover sting operations. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has established the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force Program (ICAC). The task force employs several computer forensic specialists.

Secondly, prosecutors put tremendous resources into prosecuting these crimes. Many sting operations target men and women accused of soliciting a prostitute or offering to commit prostitution, which are misdemeanor offenses.

A few sting operations target men and women accused of crimes against children. Those crimes sometimes involve the use of a computer or other electronic devices.

For instance, during a six-day period in March 2020, the sheriff’s office conducted an undercover sting operation that resulted in 16 arrests in Polk County.

People arrested in the sting operation face one or more of the following types of charges:

  • Traveling to meet a minor for sex, a second degree felony;
  • Attempted lewd battery, third degree felony;
  • Use of a computer to seduce a child, a second or third degree felony;
  • Transmission of material harmful to a minor, a third degree felony;
  • Use of two-way communication device to commit a felony, a third degree felony;
  • Use of a computer to solicit a parent to consent to the participation of a child; or
  • Committing a sex act, a third degree felony.

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This article was last updated on Friday, July 21, 2023.