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List of Judges in Polk County

If you have a criminal case pending in Polk County, FL, at the courthouse in Bartow, Lakeland, or Winter Haven, FL, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Sammis Law Firm.

We created this list of the recent assignments for county court judges in Polk County, FL. The judicial assignments change periodically. You can find the most updated list in the administrative orders published on the official website for the 10th Circuit Court of Florida.

Circuit Court Judges for Felony Cases in Polk County, FL

According to Administrative Order 1-1.61, the following assignment of judges applies from July 5, 2022, through January 2, 2023. The Circuit Court judges for felony cases in Polk County, FL, include:

F1: The Honorable Melissa Gravitt
Circuit Polk Felony – Sec F1
Judicial Assistant: Karen Scholten
P: (863) 534 – 4684
F: (863) 534 – 4098

F2: The Honorable Michael P. McDaniel
Circuit Polk Felony – Sec F2
Judicial Assistant: Julie Duffey
P: (863) 534 – 2505
F: (863) 534 – 4665

F3: The Honorable Donald G. Jacobsen
Circuit Polk Felony – Sec F3
Judicial Assistant: Melanie Komorowski
P: (863) 534 – 4649
F: (863) 534 – 7783

F4: The Honorable Jalal A. Harb
Circuit Polk Felony – Sec F9 (Admin Judge)(Capital)
Judicial Assistant: Cindy Sullivan
P: (863) 534 – 4077
F: (863) 534 – 4495

F5: The Honorable Catherine L. Combee
Polk Felony – Sec F5
Judicial Assistant: Karen Starling
Phone: (863) 534 – 4550
Fax: (863) 534 – 4098

F6: Sharon M. Franklin
Polk Felony – Sec F6
Judicial Assistant: Amy Tolley
Phone: (863) 534 – 4693
Fax: (863) 534 – 5824

F7: The Honorable Lori A. Winstead
Circuit Polk Felony – Sec F7
Judicial Assistant: Kerri Adams
P: (863) 534-5820
F: (863) 534-2555 (fax)

F9: The Honorable J. Kevin Abdoney
Circuit Polk Felony – Sec F4
Judicial Assistant: Cindy Stevens
P: (863) 534 – 6961
F: (863) 534 – 4094

Circuit Court Judges for Juvenile Delinquency in Polk County, FL

This judge presides over juvenile delinquency in Polk County, FL.

J2: The Honorable Cassandra L. Denmark (DEL) (Beginning 1/5/2021)
Circuit Polk Juvenile (Delinquency) – Sec J2
Portrait of Judge Cassandra L. Denmark
Judicial Assistant: Breanna Dexter
P: (863) 534 – 4653
F: (863) 534 – 4665

County Court Judges for Misdemeanors Cases in Polk County, FL

These judges preside over misdemeanors and traffic misdemeanors in Polk County, FL.

W3 – The Honorable Bob Grode
Judge in County Court Winter Haven
Angela Jones, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (863) 401-2484
Fax: (863) 294-1949
Address: 3425 Lake Alfred Rd., Gill Jones Center, Winter Haven, FL 33881
Phone: (863) 534-4643
Fax: (863) 534-7721

M4 – The Honorable Stacie L. Kaylor
Judge in County Criminal
Caitlyn Clyatt, Judicial Assistant
County Criminal
Phone: (863) 534-7704
Fax: (863) 534-4094

M5 The Honorable Hope M. Pattey
Judge County Criminal
Jessica Hooks, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (863) 534-4650
Fax: (863) 534-4689

M6 – The Honorable David E. Stamey, Jr.
County Criminal
Amanda Leatherwood, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (863) 534-7769
Fax: (863) 534-7722

M7 – The Honorable Robert E. Griffin
Judge in County Criminal
Susan McAuley, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (863) 534-4890
Fax: (863) 534-2555

M8 – The Honorable Susan L. Barber
County Administrative Judge
PSC/Pro Se Sec 80/Sec 17
Kyndal Witt, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (863) 534-6934
Fax: (863) 534-4024

County Court Lakeland – Section L1
The Honorable Robert G. Fegers
Judge in County Criminal at the Lakeland Courthouse
Janice Sylvain, Judicial Assistant
Phone: (863) 534-4088
Fax: (863) 534-4108

This article was last updated on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

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