Possession of Marijuana More than 20 Grams

Effective on 7/1/19, the State Hemp Program (2019 CS/CS/SB 1020) took effect. Now that hemp is legal under Florida law, criminal defense attorneys are filing more motions to dismiss marijuana and cannabis cases. Prosecutors are dropping charges because of bigger problems with the sniff / smell search, presumptive roadside tests for probable cause, or evidentiary problems with proving the THC level of the cannabis or marijuana (to distinguish it from legal hemp).

Read more about why hemp is now legal in Florida.

Possession of marijuana more than 20 grams is a third-degree felony offense under Florida law which is punishable by five years in prison and a five thousand dollar fine. Classified with a severity ranking of Level 3 under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code, the consequence of a felony marijuana conviction can be devastating.

A conviction for possession of marijuana more than 20 grams under Florida law will result in a two (2) year suspension of your driver’s license and a dramatic increase in your auto insurance rates, without any possibility of a hardship or business purpose only driver’s license for the first year.

Any instance of driving during the first year will result in an additional delay in obtaining a business purpose only or hardship license for the duration of the suspension period.

Additionally, a conviction for possession of marijuana more than 20 grams means a felony conviction that will have to be disclosed on any job application as it will show up in even the most basic background search. A felony conviction will lead to the loss of certain civil rights including the right to possess a firearm or vote in any local, state or federal election.

Attorneys for More than 20 Grams of Weed Charges in Tampa, FL

Although twenty (20) grams of weed don’t look like much, a possession charge in Florida for that amount of week comes with harsh penalties, even for a first-time offense.

At the Sammis Law Firm, our attorneys are members of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law (NORML) National Legal Committee (NLC).

We are dedicated to the reform of marijuana laws across Florida and the United States. We take an aggressive and pro-active approach to fighting these serious charges for our clients.

We fight for the best result every time. We help our clients fight felony cannabis charges in Tampa, Hillsborough County, and the surrounding counties in Florida. Call (813) 250-0500 today to learn more about Florida’s drug possession penalties.

Felony Drug Diversion Programs for Possession of Cannabis

Different counties in Florida (including Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Pasco County, and Hernando County) have different programs to help you avoid a felony conviction for a first time offense of possession of marijuana more than 20 grams. Those programs, however, can require up to eighteen (18) months of intensive supervision with frequent random urine screens, community service, fines and costs, and other conditions.

Felony Drug Diversion programs are available in different counties in Florida (including Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Pasco County, and Polk County), although the terms and conditions can often be negotiated.

Talk with a criminal defense attorney in Tampa about ways to fight the charges, including filing and litigating innovative motions to suppress and motions to dismiss which will eliminate any need to voluntarily agree to the intensive conditions required for the various felony drug diversion programs.

Florida Marijuana Offenses Artificially Enhanced for “Intent to Sell”

Although possession of marijuana less than 20 grams is usually charged as a misdemeanor, the law enforcement officer will attempt to uncover any evidence that the possession was with the intent to sell for monetary exchange in order to enhance the charges to a felony.

Additionally, if the possession was for more than 20 grams, law enforcement officers can also use the amount of marijuana to try and attempt to show an “intent to sell” which is more serious charge than possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana.

Your criminal defense attorney will need to investigate each piece of evidence alleged by the officer to support this enhanced charge of “intent to sell.” If insufficient evidence exists, your attorney may be able to file a motion to dismiss the felony so that only a lesser charge can be alleged.

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