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Injunctions for Protection in Hernando County

If you were served with an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence, Repeat Violence, or Dating Violence in Brooksville, Hernando County, FL? If so, call an attorney at the Sammis Law Firm to discuss your case.

We have represented clients against false and exaggerated allegations of violence in an injunction for protection (often called a “restraining order”). After you retain our firm, we will typically ask the court for a short continuance so that the hearing can be delayed just long enough for us to complete our investigation and take the depositions of all relevant witnesses.

We can often subpoena phone record and other documents that might support your position that the allegations were false or exaggerated.

Consequences of a Temporary Injunction for Protection

Injunctions for Protection against violence are civil matters, but they carry quasi-criminal consequences including a ban on your right to own or possess a firearm. Unfortunately, the records cannot be sealed or expunged. The allegations become public record.

If you are accused of violating the injunction you can be charged with criminal accusations for violations of the injunction.

Why was the Temporary Injunction Granted Against Me?

The temporary injunction can be granted just on the allegations of the petitioner. The petition for injunction for protection must contain allegations by the petitioner that an immediate and present danger of violence exists. Those allegations must contain specific facts.

After the temporary injunction is granted then the Clerk’s Office in Brooksville, Hernando County, will forward the petition and temporary order to the Sheriff’s Office in the county in which you reside or can be found. The moment you are served, the temporary injunction takes effect.

Read the injunction carefully. Make sure you follow the letter and spirit of the order. Make no attempt to contact the petitioner for any reason either directly or indirectly through a third party. Ignore any attempt by the petitioner to contact you.

Your attorney might be permitted to contact the petitioner for purposes of defending you and investigating the allegations, but you must follow the letter and spirit of the order at all times for all reasons.

What Happens at the Return Hearing Date Listed on the Order?

At the return hearing, the petitioner must take the stand and testify about the allegations. Your attorney will have the opportunity to cross-examination that witness. Additionally, your attorney can call you to testify, present the testimony of other witnesses, and present other evidence and documents.

What are the Different Types of Injunctions for Protection?

Different types of injunctions for protection filed at the courthouse in Brooksville, FL, including:

  • injunctions for protection against domestic violence;
  • injunction for protection against repeat violence;
  • injunction for protection against dating violence;
  • injunction for protection against sexual violence; and
  • injunction for protection against stalking violence.

Additional Resources

Injunctions for Protection in Brooksville, Hernando County – Learn more about violence injunctions from the Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller in Hernando County, Florida.

Clerk of Court and Comptroller
20 N Main Street
Room 246
Brooksville, FL 34601
(352) 540-6336
Office Hours: Monday through Friday – 8:00am – 5:00pm

Violence Injunctions – Information from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office – Information from the Hernando County Division of the State Attorney’s Office in the injunction for protection including how to file the petition, what to do after the temporary injunction is granted, safety tips and more.

Choosing an Attorney for an Injunction for Protection Hearing

If you were served with a temporary injunction for protection against violence, then call an attorney at the Sammis Law Firm. Our attorneys represent clients in Hernando County, FL. We can help you fight the allegations and protect your good name.

Call (813) 250-0500 today.

This article was last updated on Friday, March 15, 2018.

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