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Injunction for Protection Hearings in Plant City, FL

Domestic violence injunction cases in Hillsborough County, FL, can be heard at the Plant City Courthouse, instead of the main courthouse in downtown Tampa.

If you are served with a temporary injunction for protection against domestic violence (or repeat violence, dating violence or stalking) either with or without children, the paperwork that you receive may tell you that the return hearing is scheduled at the Plant City Courthouse. These cases are scheduled in Division “S” or “V” for the “East Circuit.”

Currently, these actions for protection against violence are heard by one of two judges in Plant City – either the Honorable Art E. McNeil, Circuit Court Judge, or the Honorable Richard A. Weis, Circuit Court Judge.

Violence injunctions are serious and come with a lifetime of consequences. Contact an attorney experienced with defending people against false or exaggerated accusations during violence injunction hearings. We provide free and confidential consultations and welcome your calls. Call (813) 250-0500 today.

Call (813) 250-0500 today.

Which Judge in Plant City will Hear my Injunction Case?

For violence injunction cases in the Plant City courthouse assigned in division “S” are heard by The Honorable Art E. McNeil in courtroom 1, and in Division “V” are heard by The Honorable Richard A. Weis, in courtroom 3.

Restraining order hearings move very quickly so it is always to your advantage to hire a qualified attorney as quickly as possible. Injunction hearings for an order of protection against domestic violence, dating violence, or repeat violence are typically heard by:

Division S – Planty City Courthouse
The Honorable Art E. McNeil, Judge for Hillsborough County
Courtroom 1
302 N. Michigan Avenue
Plant City, FL 33563
Division V – Planty City Courthouse
The Honorable Richard A. Weis
Courtroom 3
302 N. Michigan Avenue
Plant City, FL 33563

Finding a Lawyer for Violence Injunction Hearing in Plant City, FL

If you were served with an injunction for protection in Plant City, FL, then contact an experienced attorney at the Sammis Law Firm. We only represent respondents in these cases. We do not represent the petitioner.

Under Florida law, a “violence injunction” is defined to include injunctions for protection against domestic violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, dating violence and stalking. These violence injunctions are also called “restraining orders” because the order prevents the respondent from doing certain things. 

Call the attorneys at the Sammis Law Firm to discuss the best approach to defending yourself against an injunction at the Plant City Courthouse.

This article was last updated by on Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

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